Privacy Policy

Cannabis Industry Blog ( is a web platform for sharing latest cannabis industry news and viewpoints of authors whose articles will be published on it.

There are two types of data collected:

  • Data that contains personal identifiers such as name and surname
  • Automatically collected data which does not contain personal identifiers such as name and surname diagram Data that contains personal identifiers

This refers to users’ names, surnames, e-mails and industries in which they operate and this is data collected from those lincomycin injection price who have voluntarily chosen to supply us with it by entering it in the subscription form and for the purpose of receiving further blog updates in our newsletter. This data is handled by digital platforms such as WordPress and Mailchimp which are used to store it and to enable the dissemination of new posts. Both of these platforms abide all privacy regulations, including GDPR. Automatically collected data which does not identify the user

When visiting the website for the first time the user will be prompted to accept the collecting of cookies. This is standard procedure for most websites that exist and the purpose is to enable the basic analytics of the website and its overall basic functionality. This data is shared with Google Analytics and we collect it to optimize our website and understand how to serve our readers better.

audit Consent

By accessing the website the user consents to the collection of automatically collected data. By entering their information into the subscription form the user consents to their data being stored in order to deliver future posts directly to their inbox. This data may be used for targeted advertising within the delivered newsletter and on our website. It will never be rented, sold, given or exchanged for any other value to third parties. We are not in the business of selling our visitors’ data to third parties. The purpose of our business is to deliver news to our readers and we collect the bare minimum of data needed for the operation of our website and the running of ads which keep the website alive.

yasmin pill price еnlarge Your Rights

Should you need a clear specification of your data that we are in possession of, you may request it at any time through our contact page. We commit to responding in less than a month. Should you want to be deleted from our registrar you may do so at any point by requesting to be forgotten through our contact form. Furthermore, every newsletter that comes to you will have an unsubscribe option available at the bottom.